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Why Us

Who We Are..

We work with Cities and Health Systems on Innovative Ways to engage with the businesses and residents in their communities.

Our Solution..

We gamify the experience by rewarding healthy behaviors, creating unique lifestyle challenges and tracking economic impact

Our Expertise

We are former endurance athletes who have various certification disciplines in fitness with large scale technology development experience. Our passion is creating healthier communities and using technology as the glue that brings it all together.

How it Works

Step 1

Create a Community or Join one. Communities can be a specific location or special interest group. For example a City can have a community that highlights all the activities occurring within that City.

A fitness advocate can create a community that highlights programs they put on or challenges they want to create for their members.

Step 2

Setup a calendar of events and assign point values based upon the event type.

Create a Lifestyle or Team Challenge to engage your community or members.

Examples can be the person with the most points wins an experience package and gets highlighted in a local paper.

Step 3

Reward Accomplishments and track success.

As your members share their activities and complete your events, reward them with specific merchandise donated by local businesses or brands that you support as an ambassador

An alignment of resources is needed to support and integrate community health